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Welcome to the official Lone Wolf Sanctum Website.  Here you will find all things


Listen to the single "LAWMAN" from the debut "The Honesty in Deceit" Download the entire debut FREE only at W Vocals.mp3|LAWMAN W Vocals





  Lone Wolf Sanctum is working hard on the new release "Genesis: Chapter One" featuring the instrumental "Chasing Rain" and the emotional "Scream in the Night".    

Look for "Genesis: Chapter One" on I-Tunes. Info coming soon...




 To view the video for the single "Chasing Rain" from the upcoming release  "Genesis: Chapter One"

from Lone Wolf Sanctum  Please visit  The Official Lone Wolf Sanctum YouTube Channel





 Please feel free to leave your mark in the world of Lone Wolf Sanctum by signing the Lone Wolf Sanctum Guestbook. Lone Wolf Sanctum thanks you for your support & interest in what it is we are trying to do.