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Lone Wolf Sanctum 

William Thomas - Vocals, 6 string guitar, 4 string bass, drums & musical direction & arrangements

D.O.B. August 27th 1971  

Astrological Sign: Virgo

 Influences:  Coming Soon....

Equipment: Coming Soon...


"To Stand Strong & To Always Stay True to Yourself" - Lone Wolf 3:16


William Thomas  ( William Tom Hatfield )  was born August 27th 1971. For the first 15 years of his life he was told that his birthday was August 28th. ( Go figure....I don't understand it either...)  During his childhood William was bounced around and lived with uncles, aunts,  grandparents...who ever felt like taking care of him. Having no real stability or structure in his life, William grew up feeling lost  & confused. At the age of 15 William lived in Tennessee where he met an older woman who showed him the way to treat a woman which changed his live for ever. 

     During this time William found the power and security of music.  At first William wanted to play drums then  keyboard. After seeing the video "Talk Dirty to Me" from the rock band Poison his mind was made up and he decided to play the guitar. Now many years later William can play the 6 string guitar, 4 string bass and many other instruments.             

     At the age of 15 William was left at a bus station by his father.  Having no place to live he stayed where ever he could, crashing on floors, sleeping in abandoned buildings and eating out of garbage cans. All the while holding tight to the only thing that has been a constant in his life, his dreams.  During his 20's William was told by his brother and sisters that the man whom he believed to be his father was not his father and that   his uncle, his father's brother was in fact his father.   

    In 2001 after his mother  passed away William made a few bad decisions and did a year in prison which taught him many lessons about himself and the people ( family & friends) that he surrounded himself with.  

    Now that William is facing the second part of his life. Armed with the lessons that he has learned and his dreams, William is sure make the second stage of his life comfortable, secure and full of  excitement.

As a great wise man once said, "Life is a journey & not a destination"