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 Lone Wolf Sanctum - "Genesis: Chapter One" featuring the instrumental "Chasing Rain" 

 To view the video for "Chasing Rain" Please visit the official Lone Wolf Sanctum You Tube Channel




Lone Wolf Sanctum   "The Honesty in Deceit"

Released August 2011

SONGS:  Dance with the Devil / Crucify ( Instrumental)  / Lawman / Peace Among Insanity ( Instrumental)

/ My Pain  / Act One: Vampires in the Mist ( Instrumental) 

Recorded & Produced By: William Thomas All songs written and arranged by : William Thomas 

Recorded at Wicked Sin Studios

Listen to the single "Lawman" W Vocals.mp3|LAWMAN W Vocals


  Listen to "Dance with the Devil"|dwtd 33333


Download "Lawman" , "Dance with the Devil" & the entire 6 song debut "The Honesty in Deceit" FREE only at



Lone Wolf Sanctum 

"Please Baby Please" 

Written & Arranged by: William Thomas / Lone Wolf Sanctum

Released Aug 2009


Listen to "Please Baby Please"  (Acoustic Version)|please

 Download "Please Baby Please" (Acoustic Version) Free only at